Windows 11 will evolve to adapt to foldable screens

Microsoft is actively working on Windows 11. According to recent rumors its next updates will bring it a major evolution.

The software giant’s goal is to offer an operating system that can run on many devices. It is therefore not impossible that Windows 11 evolves to feel comfortable on foldable PCs. At least that’s what a recent report suggests. The “Moment 3” update expected next year would lay the foundations for this transformation through several important improvements.

It is reported that Microsoft wants to prepare Windows 11 for new form factors like foldable or dual-screen devices. The “Moment 3” update would offer the first transformations and adaptations to help the OS adapt to this new category of products. Moment 3 has already been talked about. The indiscretions evoke an online publication around May or June 2023.

Windows 11 version 22H2 still being rolled out

In the meantime, the deployment of Windows 11 22H2 continues knowing that its general availability has not yet been announced. However, the firm announced that users could download this new version by simply checking for updates in Windows Update.

Redmond said about it

We are entering a new phase of the Windows 11 22H2 rollout and increasing its availability to everyone checking for updates on eligible Windows devices. Note that if we detect that your device is experiencing an issue, such as an app incompatibility, we may put restrictions in place to not offer the update until the issue is resolved. [..] Users who want to check out the latest feature update can choose to do so by opening Windows Update settings and selecting Check for updates. If your device is ready, you will see the download and install option.

Most of the new features that will be part of the 2023 “Moment” updates will be part of the development versions offered through the Windows Insider program.

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