Windows 11, what will happen in 2023?

Since its launch, Windows 11 has evolved. Microsoft is working enthusiastically to bring new things to it while trying to correct some of its shortcomings.

The last big advances came in the form of a new version, 22H2, which has been available for a few weeks now. It allowed the deployment of important new features such as support for tabs by the file explorer. Faced with all this effervescence it is logical to wonder what will be the next step. The question is interesting because rumors also mention the existence of a brand new operating system called Windows 12.

In the coming months, Microsoft will continue its current Windows 11 evolution strategy. Things will therefore not change so much that 2023 will give birth to new features and novelties.

Windows 11, several Moment updates are planned

The indiscretions evoke not one but three appointments. The first will take the form of an update called Moment 2. It will bring together a set of improvements scheduled for release between February and March 2023. Like the Moment 1 update, content will focus on new features.

For example, a search function in the Task Manager is planned as well as a redesign of the interface of the widgets module and optimizations for the search bar and the optimized mode for tablets of the taskbar.

Microsoft is also said to be working on the Moment 3 update, which should be deployed between May and June 2023. The focus will again be on new features, but the whole thing remains mysterious for the moment. We should know more during the first months of 2023 thanks to the release of new builds through the DEV channel of the Windows Insider program.

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Finally, Microsoft would also have scheduled a third Moment update, the publication of which would be expected between September and October 2023. It would be called Moment 4. It is possible that we are talking about Windows 11 23H2 then.

In the meantime, the focus concerns the deployment of Windows 11 22H2. Why ? This version is mandatory for Moment updates. Microsoft must therefore first complete its deployment before sending new improvements.