Windows 11, Microsoft can’t fix some bugs

Windows 11 is the successor to Windows 10. Its mission is to provide a more efficient, productive and enjoyable environment. Unfortunately not everything is perfect. Microsoft is having difficulty correcting some of its shortcomings.

The situation is hardly encouraging knowing that Windows 10 will soon be abandoned. Microsoft acknowledges that there are issues in Windows 11 that do not currently have a fix. The firm is in a kind of incapacity to correct them. On the user side, these problems lead to frustration, uncertainty and mistrust around Windows and its next developments.

For example, for several months some Windows 11 PCs have been facing problems with the Start menu, the search bar or even UWP applications. All this little world may not start or work properly. We talked about it in this dedicated news: Windows 11 and 10, a bug affects the start menu, the search and the launch of UWP applications. The good news is that this bug does not affect all users. However, it has been highlighted since January 2023

Windows 11, Microsoft can’t fix some issues

Microsoft’s position on this situation is delicate since the company is unable to offer a definitive solution. It officially acknowledges that UWP apps and Windows Search may not work as expected or experience issues.

The proposed solution is to uninstall applications that integrate with Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Calendar. Unfortunately the recommendations stop there. There is no list to find out which applications are causing the problem. The user must therefore grope and do his own research. In addition, this uninstallation may not solve the problem. As a result, actions are limited and no clear and sure approach is available.

Developing and maintaining an operating system like Windows is a complex undertaking as it must run optimally on a wide range of hardware and software configurations. Microsoft’s puzzlement, however, raises concerns about its overall stability and reliability. It is obvious that we have an opening allowing an application to make the system unstable. Note that this problem also affects Windows 10.