Windows 11, Intel Unison syncs your iPhone or Android smartphone

ogicIntel is at the origin of an application which is likely to prove to be quickly essential on PC especially if you are equipped with an iPhone. Named Unison, it allows you to connect your Android or iOS smartphone to Windows to synchronize your SMS, contacts, photos and much more. There is only one constraint. Windows 11 is mandatory.

It is not uncommon today to use several devices equipped with different operating systems. Between PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone and laptop it is not necessarily easy to make all these little people talk and to exchange data simply and quickly. This is especially true with Apple. The brand ensures easy synchronization in its ecosystem but the task becomes more complex with a PC.

Microsoft is at the origin of the Phone Link or connected mobile application allowing, as its name suggests, to connect a telephone to a Windows 11 or Windows 10 device in a few clicks. Unfortunately the approach is far from perfect as it boils down to only supporting Android phones. Also most features are only available with a Samsung Galaxy.

Intel Unison

Intel understood that it was necessary to improve this compatibility which gave birth to Unison. Unison is a free and capable solution to connect an iPhone or Android phone to Windows 11.

The Unison project was announced when the 13th generation desktop processors were released. It’s officially exclusive to Intel processors, but it can be installed on any hardware for now. Unison works perfectly on one of our machines with an AMD Ryzen 9 5900X processor.

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The application presents itself as a weighty alternative to Microsoft’s approach. If its implementation is less advanced we still find important features. It is possible to transfer files, manage photos, send messages, synchronize notifications and call.

Intel Unison, how to install it?

To download and install Intel Unison on Windows 11 you must go to the Microsoft Store using a PC equipped with Windows 11.

Intel Unison on iOS
Intel Unison on iOS

Then do the same on the phone. The software is available through the Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS (iPhone) download platforms.

Intel Unison

The pairing goes through a QR code, the activation of a wireless connection (Wi-Fi, bluetooth and Bluetooth LE) and several access authorizations. Additional manipulation is required on iOS for sharing messages. Handling is detailed during configuration. There is a step by step.

Intel Unison

Do not hesitate to share your experiences and what you think is missing. Personally I would like the possibility of transferring a photo by SMS via the PC and sharing the calendar.