Windows 11, Gadgets will make a comeback

According to indiscretions, it will soon be possible to pin Widgets on the desktop of Windows 11. Microsoft has been working on this file for a little while now. This is the great return of Gadgets that the oldest among us knew at the time of Windows Vista.

Some widgets, including third-party widgets, can be pinned directly to the Windows 11 desktop. It will no longer be necessary to open the Widgets module to take advantage of them. This advancement is not really new. It appeared at the time of Windows Vista. We were talking at the time about Gadgets.

Some hope that Microsoft will take advantage of this return to improve the operation and the possibilities. For the moment we do not have a precise timetable for a large-scale deployment. Microsoft would not intend to put an end to the Widgets module but only to improve its operation to enrich its OS with a new customization option. Operation and implementation would be similar to interactive widgets on iPadOS and Android. Detaching a widget from the desktop would have no effect on its existence in the Widgets module. He would always be there. The “unpinning” function would rely on a simple right-click to select the “pin to desktop” option.

We know that Microsoft is actively working on this “widgets” feature of Windows 11. Although the giant remains tight-lipped on the matter, accelerating leaks suggest that this novelty could be part of the Windows 11 23H2 feature update. She’s supposed to land after the summer. Another option would be to deploy via a standalone Moment-style update. In such a scenario, the deployment could take place even faster.