Windows 11 build 25276 is available for download, what’s new?

Microsoft has just released a new Preview version of Windows 11. This build is offered to PCs registered on the DEV channel of the Windows Insider program. We have a few new features and changes that may find their way to the “Consumer” version of the operating system in the future.

Available for download through Windows Update, Windows 11 build 25276 comes with new tools for developers. Some allow you to “capture” kernel memory dumps directly through Task Manager. Microsoft explains

We’re introducing a bunch of new developer-focused features to Task Manager to make it easier to collect LKD aliases kernel memory dumps live. This is in addition to the existing “Memory dump” for user mode processes. The purpose of the live kernel dump is to collect data to resolve an abnormal situation, but allow the operating system to continue functioning. This reduces downtime compared to a bug check for “non-fatal” but high impact crashes and crashes.

Right-clicking on a system process provides access to a new parameter named ” Create a live memory dump file”.

Windows 11 build 25276, design improves

Windows 11 build 25276 also comes with other “smaller” improvements. The firm continues to harmonize the design. For example the dialog boxes are aligned with the new look of the OS. For its part, the search area in the start menu benefits from some alterations such as the adoption of rounded corners.

To all this is added many fixes targeting the taskbar and the system tray, the search module of the taskbar or the file explorer.

Windows 11 build 25276 is only offered to PCs registered on the DEV channel. All the new features tested here will not necessarily be offered to the general public. Moreover, it is not recommended to install this version on a production PC due to the risk of instability and bugs.

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