Windows 11 and Windows 10, copying and saving files may fail

Windows 11 and Windows 10 are victims of a new bug. Microsoft confirms its existence and offers a workaround. It consists of saving or copying again.

Since a few hours several official support pages of Windows 11 (22H2 and 21H1) and Windows 10 (22H2 and 22H1) list a new known problem. It affects some users of these two operating systems. Saving, copying files may not work as expected. The operation fails for no apparent reason. The problem affects 32-bit applications ” that support large addresses and use the CopyFile API “.

According to Microsoft, the Windows default file explorer is not affected by the problem. On the other hand, Office applications (32 bits) can be impacted with the error message ” unsaved document “. It is added that devices with commercial or enterprise security software that use extended file attributes are ” more likely to be affected by the problem “.

Windows 10 and Windows 11 solutions

While waiting for a fix, a solution is to redo the manipulation, ie to try again to save, copy or attach files. The approach is possible as the problem is intermittent only. Microsoft is working on a fix but we don’t have an exact timeline for its release.

Note that the bug seems to have found a solution under Windows 10 via KIR (Known Issue Rollback). Microsoft adds that for devices managed by the company it is necessary to install and configure a special group policy. Downloads are provided for the two versions of Windows 10 that are affected by this issue

Source: ghacks