Windows 11 and the blocked updates bug, three solutions

Windows 11 offers many new features. It also offers a modern working and leisure environment. However, it is not perfect and there are problems. One of them is frustrating. Many users fall victim to blocked updates.

In some cases the process reaches 99% then the whole thing hangs for no apparent reason. Here are three ways to solve this bug.

Let your PC work

One of the simplest solutions is not to stress the PC during the download process. Clearly it is recommended to leave the computer alone because generally the blocking of an update is linked to an interruption of Internet connectivity or a power failure (laptop). In this case connect your computer to the mains and leave it while the updates are downloaded. This can speed up the process and thus avoid a blockage.


The other solution is to use a Windows 11 troubleshooter, the Troubleshooter. To do this, you must go to this address

Paramètres > Système > Résolution des problèmes > Autres utilitaires de résolution des problèmes

Then click on Run from the Windows update line.


The utility will search for any problems and fix them. After the job is done, a restart of the PC is required for the changes to take effect.

The command prompt

Finally the three solution is to go to this address


to ensure that the update download is still in progress. This is the folder that stores temporary files needed for updates.

Windows 11 and the SoftwareDistribution folder

Right-clicking on this folder to select Properties will check if its size is increasing. If this is not the case we will disable updates, clean the directory and then restart updates.

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To do this type cmd in the search field of the taskbar then with a right click of the mouse select ” execute as administrator “. Then type the commands

net stop wuauserv


net stop bits

You must then delete the update files in the distribution folder. Finally, the following two commands reactivate the update

net start wuauserv

net start bits