Windows 11 and 10, a bug affects the start menu, the search and the launch of UWP applications

A problem affects Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Whether we are talking about Windows 11 or Windows 10, it has been known for several months.

The software giant has just updated an issue with Windows that has been known since January 2023. It can affect the Start menu, Windows Search, and UWP apps. UWP is the contraction of Universal Windows Platform. This Microsoft update does not add any new information to the description of the failure. It only adds Windows 10 22H2 to the list of affected OS. It includes Windows 11 21H2 and 22H2, Windows 10 20H2, 21H2 and 22H2.

Microsoft explains that

Start Menu, Windows Search, and UWP apps may not work as expected or may have issues opening […] Affected devices may have corrupted registry keys or data that could affect applications that use Microsoft Office APIs to integrate with Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, or Outlook Calendar.

Barco’s Clickshare software was identified last February as a possible source of this failure. On one of Barco’s support pages it is stated that affected PCs may be victims

  • A Start menu that does not open when the Windows key is pressed or when the Start icon is clicked.
  • Windows Search does not respond to mouse clicks, pressing the Search button, or using the WIN +S shortcut.
  • Microsoft Outlook and OneDrive won’t connect or sync.

If you are concerned a solution is to

  • Update the ClickShare app,
  • Disable calendar integration,
  • and follow Microsoft’s guide to recovering user profiles.

Barco adds that the problem may persist. You will then have to correct the user profile manually.

Microsoft says there may be other apps causing this failure. However, the latter is not linked to a Windows update. The firm recommends uninstalling all applications that integrate with Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Calendar. An update of these applications can also resolve the situation.

Microsoft engineers are working on the issue.