Windows 11, a new file explorer has been discovered

A major update is expected in Windows 11. It will particularly target one of its most popular applications, the file explorer. Microsoft is working on new features to improve the user experience.

Windows File Explorer has long been neglected by Microsoft. However, things have changed with the release of Windows 11. A new version has emerged. It introduced a major change, that of support for tabs. This transformation does not seem finished and many other things would be planned.

On Twitter a user reveals that Microsoft is working on a brand new detail pane. It is already part of the content of a build offered as part of the Windows Insiders program. This is Windows 11 build 25272 available through the Dev channel.

Windows 11 build 25272, a new file explorer is available

By default this new feature is hidden but it is possible to activate it manually. This provides a first look at the work in progress and Microsoft’s end goal. At first glance, the goal is to make it easier to get information about their files.

The new pane opens on the right side of the user interface. It offers details such as file activity. This includes recent changes and the name of the people who made them. This last piece of information is particularly useful in the context of collaborative work. We also have associated files, associated conversations in Outlook (where said file was attached and sent as an email attachment).

All this is available with a single mouse click without having to go through a new window or a menu property. At the moment we have no release schedule. The presence of this new feature in a recent build shows that the file is still quite advanced.

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