Windows 11, a major change will improve stability

Microsoft is working on several new features for Windows 11. Part of this work relates to stability. It is planned to dissociate two essential components, Immersive Shell and the explorer.exe.

This advance will make it possible to “kill” “explorer.exe” without impacting the other components of the operating system. The change was spotted by the developers of Start Is Back. This is a popular application aimed at the Start menu. For the moment this work is still in progress so that this separation is not yet complete.

Clearly Microsoft is still working on this change so that it can quickly find its way to the “consumer” version of Windows 11. The giant will continue to tweak things through the next Preview versions released as part of the Windows Insider program. .

Needless to say, this change is currently only available to PCs enrolled in the Windows insider program.

Windows 11, the deployment continues

At the same time, Microsoft is continuing to deploy 22H2, which has been available for several weeks. The update is offered gradually in order to control the installation process while avoiding a large number of victims in the event of a major bug. Restrictions are used to prohibit the update to computers that may be experiencing problems.

According to the latest information about the Windows 11 22H2 rollout is now available by manually checking for updates if the PC is eligible.

Microsoft explained

We are entering a new phase of the Windows 11 22H2 rollout and increasing its availability to everyone checking for updates on eligible Windows devices. Note that if we detect that your device is experiencing an issue, such as an app incompatibility, we may put restrictions in place to not offer the update until the issue is resolved. [..] Users who want to check out the latest feature update can choose to do so by opening Windows Update settings and selecting Check for updates. If your device is ready, you will see the download and install option.

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