Windows 10 21H1 is at the end of its life, what will happen?

Patch Tuesday in December was accompanied by the end of life of a new version of Windows 10. The 21H1 edition bowed out.

The farewells were made this Tuesday, December 13, 2022. Windows 10 21H1 is no longer supported by Microsoft. Its last major maintenance has taken place. All computers running under this environment are no longer affected by security updates and bug fixes. The only way to stay protected is to consider migrating to a more recent version of Windows. If you are concerned, just go to Windows Update.

For its part, Microsoft has planned an “automatic” update phase. It will allow devices still under 21H1 to switch to the 22H2 version. The giant explained

As of December 13, 2022, all editions of Windows 10 21H1 have reached end of servicing. The December 2022 security update is the final update available for this release. Devices running this version will no longer receive monthly security and preview updates containing protections against the latest security threats.

Normally Windows Update should automatically launch a feature update to download and install 22H2 on unmanaged consumer and business devices when they are approaching or have reached end of life. Note that if the PC is eligible, the switch to Windows 11 may be offered. However, this migration will not be automatic. It will only be offered. The transition to Windows 11 is not always possible due to the hardware constraints imposed by the OS.

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