Wells Fargo customer service Number

For contact with Wells Fargo Bank and get information on credit cards, online banking support, mortgage information, home equity, business and commercial bank details, auto loans, investments, insurance and businesses, use the Telephone numbers Wells Fargo customer service listed below for specific departments.

What is the Wells Fargo Customer Service Phone?

Wells Fargo Customer Service phone

To contact for free with Wells Fargo number call the customer service phone Wells Fargo + 1-800-869-3557

Speak with a Wells Fargo representative in Spanish

Call this Wells Fargo phone number to speak with a representative from Wellsfargo customer service, available the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Wells Fargo Bank Customer Service – How to Contact Wells Fargo – free 800 number Well Fargo Bank

Wells Fargo customer service small business phone

If you are a bank customer and have a small business, contact WellsFargo customer service by calling the number

1-800-225-5935, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Wells Fargo Bank Customer Phone Number free 800 number

Mortgage loans 1-877-937-9357
Online and mobile banking 1-800-956-4442
TDD / TTY Hearing Impaired Clients 1-800-877-4833
Insurance services 1-866-294-2571
Credit card services 1-800-932-6736

Wells Fargo customer service phone 800 number

Credit line 1-800-416-8658
Fixed Term Loans 1-800-359-3557
SBA loans 1-866-727-5363
Commercial Real Estate 1-866-631-7443
Business payroll services 1-800-421-4714
Go Far Rewards 1-877-517-1358
Investment services 1-877-573-7997
Auto loans and vehicle financing 1-877-246-1015
Student loans 1-800-378-5526
Fair housing 1-888-667-1772
Wells Fargo Advantage Funds 1-800-222-8222
Small Business Accounts 1-800-225-5935
Merchant Services 1-800-451-5817

Wells Fargo Customer Service Numbers, Fraud Reporting Phone, 800 number

ATM, debit card, or check fraud 800-225-5935
Suspicious phishing email or text messages 866-867-5568
Wells Fargo Online Services fraud 1-866-867-5568
Credit Card Fraud (Personal) 1-800-642-4720
Please say your card or account number one digit at a time or enter it followed by the pound key.

Contact International Clients from Mexico

Online customer support 001-800-9564442

For personal accounts check 001-800-8693557

For business accounts contact the phone 001-800-2255935

Call the customer service phone by dialing the Wells Fargo number 775-335-1115

If you have trouble contact with the entity from your country click here and follow the instructions.

Contact Wells Fargo customer service in Spanish

Wells Fargo is a company of financial services that operates around the world.

It emerged in the United States with headquarters in California and is the result of the union of California Wells Fargo & Co. with Norwest Corporation in 1998.

The new corporation decided to retain the Wells Fargo name after the merger due to its long history and recognition and moved its headquarters to San Francisco.

It is currently the second bank in deposits, debit cards and mortgages.

Is he third bank globally capitalizing on the stock market and fourth by number of assets in the United States.

Call the Wells Fargo number customer service phone

Wells Fargo has a network of more than 13,000 ATMs, some 5,700 branches, more than 276,000 employees, and more than 48 million customers.

As of 2.009 it operates in its branches and ATMs under the names Wells Fargo and Wachovia and is considered one of the first in safest for its clients in the US by Ficht ratings and Standard & Poor’s.

Along with Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Bank of America it is among the nation’s Big 4.

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