Regions Online Banking – Everything you need to know

Regions Online Banking-The digitalization of the world has created a mammoth change where one can operate and fulfill banking related needs right within few clicks. Yes, far from traditional times, when there used to be long queues in banks to now accessing accounts online literally from anywhere in the world has certainly been a sea change now. Yes, we have got whole list of actions like paying bills online or opening accounts etc. One of the banks which are rising to the expectations of customers is Regions Online Banking where you have whole list of banking needs done right within few clicks. Additionally, the cooperative customer care is another friend of sorts who is there with you right at the time when you need. For example, you just need to call on 1800-240-7887 for opening account and your relevant queries will be happily answered as well.

Let’s know more about Regions Online Banking:-

Usually, when it comes to banking operations, one of the prime queries of potential customers is the safety associated while customers enter their financial details. So, let me ask you

Is Regions Online Banking safe and secure?

Well, yes as the website uses encryption as you enter personal details. It creates a private network between the server and the browser, so you are able to encrypt the information which is understood by the Regions system. The session converts from “http” to “https” if it has been encrypted.

The best way to find the same is through a locked padlock icon which is there on the screen’s bottom, and that’s the moment you know that you have entered an encrypted session. Additionally, right after you log out after entering your login details in the form of Online Id and Password, your account information is fully protected, as the next time you again login back, you need to enter the details for viewing the account information. In order to further add to the security, especially during the process of using public computer, after you log out, close the browser as well.

How to Login Regions Online Banking

Step 1

While visiting the website, you can see the Online Banking Login box at the  top of page.

Step 2

Enter your online id. If you somehow have forgotten the same, then call on 1800-472-2265

Step 3

Type in your password, in the event if you don’t remember your pw, select forgot online id located under

Step 4

Select login in button and you will get to the page of your Account Overview

How to wire money

A wire transfer is an electronic transfer where funds from one financial institution are transferred to another. If you want to receive money to your account, you need to provide couple of details to the sender of the wire transfer

  1. Your routing number
  2. Your checking account number

Domestic wire transfer has the following number 062005690

International wire transfer routing number is UPNBUS44

Wire Transfer is obviously the speediest mode of receiving money right in your Regions Bank account. Either you have domestic transaction coming to you that means within USA or from a foreign country (International Wire Transfer). Based on providing the requisite banking details you can receive money from the sender successfully.

It is safe and secure to transfer money with online transfer services. There are ways to conveniently transfer funds in an electronic manner between regions accounts or if you have accounts in other financial institutions.

It is easy to transfer money. All you need to do is Login to your Regions Online Banking account or Regions Mobile app to get things going.

International wire transfer to regions bank

International wire transfer is the fastest method of receiving money from foreign counties. Banks need SWIFT network for dealing with similar transactions of international nature. There has to have a direct arrangement for receiving money from foreign country in Regional bank within the country (USA)  and the name to the whole set up is given as corresponding banking.

What is my Swift Code?

Swift Code for Regions bank is UPNBUS44

What is my routing/transit number?

Different areas have their own specific routing number. The website has prominently displayed the specific numbers in front of the states. You can check the website and get to know about the same. Routing number is primarily important for money related transactions. Hence, it is better if you can prepare a list of the areas and save the same with their specific numbers, as you may well need any time.

Where can I get my queries addressed?

You can get your queries solved through a customer number. You are assigned with the number at the time of account opening and that is used for online transaction right through. If you are going for a personal account and need to know the number, then you can dial 1800-240-7887 for getting a confirmation about the customer number.

Other than that, if you are a business customer, you can get in touch with your branch or the Banking associate for getting help with your customer number. Here, you won’t be getting the specific number on phone.

The best of banks have their speedy and top notch banking related services where the requirements of clients is duly taken care and addressed as well. Likewise, there is a customer care number for getting your specific problems addressed If you have any query regarding online banking support, then you can dial 1800-472-2265

Where is the location of the branch?

Regions Financial Corporation has its head office in the Regions Center in Birmingham, Alabama. The entity deal is varied forms of banking related functioning both in the form of retail as well as commercial bank, mortgage services, stockbrokerage etc.

The ever rising list of happy customers is the proof that the bank is there to serve the needs of people right when they needed. Here the financial institution is quite determined to be constantly serving customers with the changing needs and directions.