Mirosoft brings improvements to the interface of Windows 11

Microsoft is making improvements to the look of Windows 11. The latest Preview released on the DEV channel introduces various changes to bring things into line. The interface gains in coherence.

Work continues around the design of Windows 11. The latest advances concern certain dialog boxes. Gradually we are witnessing a transition towards more modern and coherent visuals through the adoption of the design codes of the OS interface.

A new rendering is thus proposed for certain messages. For example those appearing if an application is having difficulty running for various reasons. On the other hand, it is a first approach so that the “dark” version is not yet available. Redmond explains.

We updated the dialog that indicates when an app has a known compatibility issue. The dialog is a work in progress, and you may experience issues if the dark theme is enabled. As always, drop feedback in the Feedback Hub for any issues you may encounter.

Alterations are also present in the search area integrated into the Start menu. Rounded corners appear. Here again Microsoft is implementing changes to harmonize the appearance.

Regarding the latter. We also have a rollback due to unresolved bugs. The firm explains that the notification dialog boxes in Windows Security return to their original appearance. Further work is required.

We are temporarily disabling the new Windows Security (Firewall) notification dialog box design that matches the Windows 11 visuals introduced with Build 25267. We plan to reintroduce it in a future release after fixing some bugs.

Windows 11 is gradually adopting a modern interface, but this transition is slow.

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