Microsoft is rolling out two new BETA versions of Windows 11, what’s new?

In parallel with the publication of the first build 2023, Microsoft is also offering new “beta” versions of Windows 11. They are available through the Windows Insider program.

As has been the custom for several months now, Microsoft is offering two different versions, one with new features being rolled out and the other with new features disabled by default. On the other hand, although they are different versions, there are no breaking changes between them. Why ? These are the very first beta releases of the year. In detail we have

  • Windows 11 Build 22623.1095 -> New features rolled out.
  • Windows 11 Build 22621.1095 -> New features disabled by default.

In terms of content, one of the most important changes concerns the search box available in the Start menu. Microsoft offers a new design with the adoption of rounded corners. There is no revolution but a detail that contributes to the harmonization of the design of the OS. Microsoft explains that another change is in the game. It concerns .NET Framework.

We’ve changed the experience for .NET Framework updates in preview. After you install this update, all future preview (optional) .NET Framework updates will appear in Settings > Windows Update > Advanced > Optional Updates. On this page, you can control which optional updates you want to install.

The search module continues to improve with here-is-there tweaks to refine its taskbar experience.

We improved the reliability to fix some crashes and the performance of animations and transitions. We fixed the issue that caused the taskbar search box to not render correctly. We fixed the issue causing layout issues with right-to-left display languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike Arabic.

These two versions are now offered through the BETA channel of the Windows Insider program.

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