Installing Windows 11, Microsoft announces App Restore feature

Windows 11 will soon be able to restore installed apps. Clearly, like Android or iOS, the operating system will soon be enriched with a function facilitating its restoration.

Microsoft reveals that Windows 11 will be enriched with a new function to simplify and personalize its installation. It works with online accounts by keeping a history of the applications present on the PC in the cloud. When installing on another device, it will be possible to speed up the configuration since the process will offer to restore the various software used and certain parameters.

On the other hand, this backup and restore function seems to rely only on the Microsoft Store. This means that it is limited to the software present on this distribution service. It is for the moment a hypothesis knowing that the firm has not yet specified anything.

Windows 11: a function for restoring the applications present on the PC
Windows 11: a function for restoring the applications present on the PC

Its operation is quite simple. During the initial configuration of the OS if a connection to a Microsoft account takes place an invitation is offered to restore applications and settings from a backup. The process then downloads the apps in question from the Microsoft Store as soon as their icons are selected in the taskbar or Start menu. Apps seem to download only if launched. It is a solution to save storage space.

It is possible that this function evolves before its official release. The big question concerns software installed through a channel other than the Microsoft Store. Will Microsoft provide for this possibility?